What It IsEdit

Zirconium Ore is an Ore which appears as regular Coal Ore, but is green instead of black. Like Iron, Zirconium ore will drop Zirconium Ore when mined. Zirconium ingots (Which have the appearance of Diamond Gems, only acid green.) are created by smelting Zirconium Ore in a furnace.cccccccccccccfdqfdgdxfgsdfdsq<fds

Where to Find ItEdit

Zirconium Ore is less common than redstone, but more common than Gold. However, Zirconium is almost never found when not mining directly underneath an NPC Village.


Zirconium can be used to make Zirconium Swords, Zirconium Armour, and Zirconium Tools. All of which are between the power of Iron and Gold.

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