I think Minecraft could add some very cool features.

Useful additionsEdit


I think that you should make server creation a bit easier. For instance you could have a button next to the "Open to LAN" button with an "Open to WAN" button.


I use a Mac and I have a very hard time getting mods. Could you make that a bit easier? You might be able to put a button under the "Texture Packs" button with a "Mods" button and be able to activate any mod from there. Another idea I had was that on under profile next to the "Skin" button you could add a button saying "Mods" and be able to select any mod you downloaded more easily. This would be convenient for Mac and PC users

Daggers and/or knifesEdit

I think it would be cool if there were knifes or daggers that could be crafted without a crafting table for hunting in the beginning. For instance, if you put a stick in a lower corner and diagonally upward there could be a piece of wood, stone, iron, or diamond. Throwing knifes might be nice too.

Ships and PlanesEdit

What would be cool to see is controllable ships that you could build. Speedboats could be crafted using some iron and wooden boats. I also would love to see airplanes added to Minecraft like in the Zeppelin Mod. You could have aircraft controllers that, when activated could allow you to use the arrow keys to fly your airplane.


Hostile pirates could be a fine addition too. They could have controllable boats and be able to operate systems on their ships. They could be armed with stone swords and leather armor

That's all and thank you very much for your consideration