The following is an article about several ideas that were too minor and simple to each be put into speceific articles. Many more lists of minor changes will be added in the future, but this one is specififcally pointed towrd changes to vehicles: Boats and Minecarts.


  • Extenable Boats: Adding a block of Cobblestone to a boat the same way a furnace is added to a minecart will create a boat that blocks can be placed on top of.
  • Momentum: A Boat can go up a hill of Water, if it goes down a large hill of water first.
  • Stone Bottom: Boats have an added Cobblestone texure on the bottom.


  • Extendable Minecarts: The same as extendable boats but with Minecarts
  • All-Terrain Minerails: By crafting a power minecart, with Diamond instead of Gold and Lapis instead of Redstone, then you will create a blue and grey Minerail which can be placed in water and on glass.
  • (No Brainer)Bug Fix: Minecarts will not have the rider's legs sticking out of the front.
  • Momentum: Same as Boat momentum, with Minerails instead of water and Mincarts instead of Boats