Herobrine is a ghost player, with the appearance of the bearded version of the player that has white eyes. There are many legends surrounding Herobrine, and several people beleive that he is already in Minecraft. Others wish he WAS in Minecraft, and others don't know about him.


Herobrine's attack style is mostly a combination of Zombies and Enderman, charging the player, teleporting when his attack is dodged. He also charges much faster than Zombies, and his attacks are much more powerful than zombies. He does not have any armour, and only fights with a weapon known in item selection as "Herobrine's Sword". It has the appearance of a wooden sword, with a grey handle, and comes with every enchantment.


Herobrine will drop 1 diamond helmet, 1 gold chest plate, 1 pair of leather pants, 1 pair of iron boots, 2 wooden swords, 10 emeralds, 3 diamonds, 2 gold, 4 iron, 7 coal, 6 iron, and 2 stacks of cobblestone.


Although killing him is difficult, considering he has 25 hearts, when half a heart remains of his health, Several blocks of sand will fall from the sky, forming into the shape of a nether portal. This sand portal will activate itself instantly, forming a blue portal effect, which Herobrine will instantly be sucked into. After he is gone, the portal will explode, dropping all of the items listed above.


The stalker version of Herobrine (Notch's Brother), will occasionally spawn in abandoned houses. He will constantly run away from the player, so he cannot be killed with any non-projectile weapons. He also cannot be killed with a bow, because arrows will go right through him. In order to be killed, he must be chased onto a pressure pad which is linked to TNT. After death, he will drop 10 obsidian, and one "Trophy Cape".


  • The two types of Herobrine can be distinguished between which skin he has.
  • The Stalker version of Herobrine has the new default skin with white eyes, while the Miner has the older skin with a beard and white eyes.