The .png file of a cyborg minecraft skin.

Information and appearanceEdit

The Cyborg can be made when a villager is crushed between blocks of iron using pistons, but it naturally spawns around Iron Golem Factories. They take up both the shape of Steve?, and the same eyes and basic face. They also have much relation to Iron Golems, as their arms and legs appear to be blocks of iron. The .png file can be uploaded as a character skin on, as well as edited with a minecraft skin editor. If two black pixels are added in the very bottom middle of the head, then "Cyborg Steve?" becomes... Cyborg Him!


The Cyborg is usually neutral, but can go crazy and become hostile when attacked by a zombie. It spawns around Iron Golem Factories, on account of it is a villager that has gotten deformed in a factory accident. This is also the reason that it will never attack villagers.

Why this should be added to minecraftEdit

Because it gives more variation on the Iron Golem Mob, as well as an oportunity for a more unique version of... Him!