Chain Armor

Chainmail in-game

Everyone knows that Chainmail exists in Minecraft, but it cannot be obtained in any way other than through the use of Inventory Editors, Mods, or Give commands in Multiplayer. This idea will make it possible to craft chainmail armor by using iron ingots and string. Since Chainmail is made with iron and string it is durable like any iron armor, but it is slightly less effective because it uses less iron. This is useful for those that are not good at searching (or are afraid of what might be around corners) in caves, or those that are completely unlucky and get very little iron ore through their endeavor.


Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingots and String Template:Grid/Crafting Table Template:Grid/Crafting Table
Template:Grid/Crafting Table Template:Grid/Crafting Table

If anyone knows how to add templates similar to those used on the Minecraft Wiki (Template:Grid/Crafting_Table) it would be greatly appreciated. Until then, here's what it is in sort of a grid (3x3)...

i = iron ingot, s = string, ... = none

Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots
i s i i .. i i s i .... .... ....
s .... s s i s s .. s s .... s
.... .... .... i s i i .. i i .... i

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