Abandoned House

Location SpawningEdit

  • Abandoned house can be found anywhere. 20 - 30% chance to spawn in water.

Abandoned house have some glass a double door but one door is missing. They are made of wood.

Percentage Of Where It Would SpawnEdit

Percentage on spawning in these biomes only:

Desert: 40%

Tundra: 15%

Plains: 20%

Extreme Hills: 50%

Forest: 60%

Beach: 5%


  • There is 0.3333% chance that Herobrine will live in there. BEWARE!!!!
  • These house can have chests that include apples, diamond, tools, coal, and spawn eggs.
  • House are 7 blocks long and 8 blocks wide and 4 blocks tall with no roof.
  • Players can use these old house to live in but BEWARE!!!!